Toledo says his past will not taint presidential campaign



Toledo says his past will not taint his presidential campaign
Former president Toledo said that his relationship with his daughter Zaraí is a "private matter" and should not affect his presidential campaign. (Photo: RPP)

Alejandro Toledo, presidential candidate for Perú Posible political party, assured he has a good relationship with his daughter Zaraí in an interview given to CNN en Español.

Toledo, who was Peru’s president from 2001-2006, said the controversy generated due to his denial to recognize Zaraí Toledo as his daughter for so many years is “history.”

“It is a private matter that I try to keep with her (Zaraí). It is a closed case. We have a good relationship, so I do not see why it should be a problem,” he said.

The ex president was also questioned about his “excesses and luxuries” and his presumable predilection for Johnny Walker Blue Label whisky.

“It is not true,” said Toledo, explaining it was Vladimiro Montesinos, Fujimori’s ex chief of Peru’s National Intelligence Service, who tagged him as a heavy drinker.

“Vladimiro Montesinos tagged me as a whisky drinker when we were fighting to recover democracy in Peru, during Fujimori’s dictatorship,” assured Toledo to CNN.

Toledo also discarded to pardon Alberto Fujimori under humanitarian reasons, if he becomes president. Fujimori is convicted to 25 years of prison for human rights violations.

Zaraí Toledo in the front cover of Caras magazine.

“I respect the independence and autonomy of the state powers and it would be a terrible message for Peru and the world signing such a pardon in democracy,” he said.

The ex president was also asked about the criticism he received for spending Christmas in Punta Sal, Toledo’s favorite beach resort situated in the northern tip of Peru.

“I think those criticism are very base, first because Punta Sal is not a luxurious beach resort but of middle class in Peru. I like promoting tourism within my country,” said Toledo.

“I do not go to Punta Cana or have an apartment in Paris. I stay in Peru during vacations,” he said.

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