TGP denies to pay penalties


The consortium TGP–Transportadora de Gas del Peru (Gas Transportation of Peru) has not accepted any of the three fines given to them by OSINERG due to the break of the gas pipeline and the spill of the liquid gas. OSINERG has given a penalty of $942 thousands for the accidents occurred on December 22nd, 2004 and September 15th, 2005. The re are still missing the fines for the accidents occurred on August 29th and November 24th, 2005. TGP plead that the sanctions are unjustified and has not paid a cent.
The American consultant company E-Tech International made a technical report which was presented on March 6th in Washington. They indicated that the first four accidents occurred due to the layout of the pipeline, the deficient welding and the inspection of the welding. They alerted about the points in the gas pipeline where there could be fractures and therefore gas spill, and those are exactly the points were the fifth accident occurred.
TGP answered that the investigations about the gas spills concluded as follows “the quality of the pipeline and its welding have no relation with the fracture”. Though the conclusions of OSINERG agreed with the conclusions of E-Tech International, TGP rejected the technical report of the American company.