Drug ring dismantled by authorities in Peru and Spain



peru drug bust
Peruvian authorities confiscated 5,275 kilograms of cocaine that was headed to Spain.

An international drug network that shipped cocaine from Peru to Spain has been broken up by authorities in the two countries, state news agency Andina reported.

Authorities carried out operations in the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Las Palmas, Madrid and Peru, the report said.

In total, 25 people were arrested, with 19 of those being captured in Spain and six in Peru. The suspects include Spaniards, Peruvians, Dominicans, Venezuelans and Mexicans.

In Spain, authorities confiscated 20 kilograms of cocaine, 65,000 Euros (approximately $78,700), three guns, and fake identification.

In Peru, 5,275 kilograms of cocaine were confiscated, 2 guns and documents that referenced the police investigation.

The cocaine was carried to Spain through airports by drug “mules.”

Peru is the world’s top producer of coca, the raw material used to make cocaine, according to the UN’s 2010 World Drug Report.