Child rapists get life imprisonment


Yesterday the ‘Comisión de Justicia’ approved life imprisonment, to rapists of children under the age of 10. This sanction will also be applied when a victim is between 10 and 18 years of age and is found dead or with sever lesions. In these cases the aggressors will not have rights to penitentiary benefits such as sentence reduction due to work or study, probation or semi probation and other favors that are offered. In the same manner, if a person who through violence or threats forces another to have sexual relations will be sentenced to 6 to 8 years imprisonment. If rape occurs with one or more offenders or threatened by a firearm to have sexual intercourse, they will be sentenced from 12 to 18 years imprisonment. The same punishment will be sentenced if the criminal belongs to the armed forces, police, ‘serenazgo’ and district police or a teacher from the teaching center where the victim studies. However, not all the congress were in favor of the decree that was approved. Congressman Alcides Chamorro said that it is unheard off that a homicide case (6 to 15 years) is applied a minor sentence that rapists(25 to 30 years).