Peru and Uruguay sign bilateral agreements


President Garcia received the Uruguayan president at the Casa de Gobierno. (Photo: Diario El Pais Uruguay)

President Alan García welcomed his counterpart from Uruguay, Jose Mujica, who began an official visit to Peru, the first by a Uruguayan head of state in the last 20 years.

President Mujica gave a short speech were he thanked Garciía for inviting him and talked about the relations between the two countries.

"Uruguayans are friendly people, in Uruguay you have the freedom to say what you want and live freely. We also have defects like everybody else, but we live in peace," Mujica said.

President Mujica will stay two days in Peru and will receive award recognition by various institutions such as the Municipality of Lima and the Peruvian Congress.

"I have allowed to propose Pepe (Jose Mujica) to lift the flag on behalf of the democratic Uruguay, to became a partner on lifting the banner of peace and disarmament among our South American countries," said Alan García. "Uruguay is a very educated country with the highest standart of education in Latin America in this visit of President Mujica we are including agreements on education that will benefit Peru immensely," Garcia concluded.

Mujica will be awarded the Grand Collar of the Order El Sol del Peru, the highest distinction awarded by the Peruvian State, in a ceremony to be held in the Salon Dorado of the government house. Mujica’s visit is of great importance for Peru, it will help to confirm and consolidate the excellent state of bilateral relations with Uruguay.