Willy Colon in Peru plagiarism case: “8 years out of the question”



The American musician visited Peru in 2010, and was taken into custody by Peruvian police for the crime of plagiarism. (Photo: New York Daily News)

New York singer salsa star Willie Colon said yesterday that “eight years of jail time is out of the question.”

This way he rejected the petition of Peruvian prosecutor Lucila Cabrera Loayza for the crime of violating the copyrights of a song by the Peruvian Walter Barriga Fuentes, who is the author of the song "Llegó la banda."

The prosecutor’s request also includes a five million dollar fine for civil damages to be paid to Barriga Fuentes and the Peruvian state.

"The penalty charge and the fine are out of this world. I cannot comment further on this by now," said the Colon on his Twitter account, @williecolon).

In addition, Colon thanked the affection from his fans: "To all who sent me their support THANK YOU!"