The National Library of Peru


After several years of effort, finally a dream comes true: The construction of the National Library of Peru has been finished and will be inaugurated on March 27th.
The books and documents until now were kept in the National Library in Abancay Avenue in downtown Lima, the great number of volumes related to history, literature, religion and thousands of other books exceeded the capacity of the old national libraries space. The old building is an architectural and historical monument in itself, but it was not possible to keep the volumes in an appropriate state. The National Library of Peru (Biblioteca Nacional del Perú-BNP) keeps the largest compilation of books, historical documents and relics of the country. One of the oldest relics is a palimpsest from the 12th century written in Latin.
The origin of National Library of Peru goes back to 1821 when General Jose de San Martin founded the Library. Ricardo Palma was director of the National Library of Peru in 1891 after it’s plunder during the War of the Pacific. In 1943 a fire destroyed part of the Library and one of Peru’s celebrities, Jorge Basadre was in charge of it’s reconstruction