Peru president regrets no death penalty for father rapist


Julcarima faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted. (Photo: Pedro Tinoco/Andina)

Peru’s President Alan García was shocked to hear the case of a man who raped his seven-month-old daughter.

"He should die in prison," Garcia said, after congratulating the police for the arrest of the rapist and regretting that there is no death penalty for crimes like that.

García told Efe news agency that he favors the death penalty for child rapists, because "raping a child does not have God’s forgiveness," and added that "in this government we could have severely punish violators, applying the maximum penalty," but recalled that politicians in Congress "have turned their backs on public opinion, which supports this measure."

Today Peru’s Interior Minister Miguel Hidalgo confirmed the arrest of Elvis Julcarima Egoavil, 22, for the rape of his seven month old daughter. The baby survived the attack and was taken to a hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

Hidalgo told RPP that Julcarima turned himself into police after agents and prosecutors built a fence near his home to ensure his capture.