JNE declares impeachments against PPK unfounded



JNE declares impeachments against PPK unfounded
PPK shows his Peruvian passport, a s proof that he is (also) Peruvian. (Photo: Diario16)

Peru’s National Electoral Jury (JNE) declared unfounded, unanimously, the impeachments against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, last Tuesday, reported El Comercio and Diario 16.

The two impeachments presented by the citizens Guillermo Olivera Díaz and Javier Espinoza Ayaipoma, argued that PPK had lost his Peruvian nationality when he obtained his U.S. citizenship.

Olivera had argued that PPK lost his Peruvian nationality, since Peru’s Constitution from 1979 states that nationals can only have a double citizenship with Spain or a Latin American country.

The JNE said that Olivera’s interpretation was correct but not sufficient to impeach PPK, since the state would have to express in a written document that Kuczynski had lost his Peruvian citizenship, which has not happened.

In the other case, Espinoza argued that a Peruvian with double nationality is legally disabled to run as president.

The JNE said that there is no legal obstacle that prohibits PPK to run for president, especially if no authority has questioned his nationality in the past in order to serve in public office.

Kuzcynski was general manager of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) in 1966 during Fernando Belaunde’s first administration and his finance minister (1980-1982) during his second term.

He also served as finance minister twice (2001-2002; 2004-2005) during Alejandro Toledo’s administration, and afterwards as his prime minister from 2005 to 2006.

Judge Minaya is not separated

The JNE also declared unfounded PPK’s request to separate judge Greta Minaya for having called him a “stateless person.”

“The judge’s behavior does not break the law, because she has not shown impartiality, has not made public comments on the cases she is revising, and has not insulted anybody,” says the document.

PPK said to the press in mid-January that he would shed his U.S. citizenship if he is elected president.

The Jury finally recommended that Congress should debate and vote on a law that specifies the requirement to shed any nationality other than their Peruvian citizenship in order to run for president.