Three dead in Peru after shoot out over mine control


The Sanchez Paredes brothers are being investigated for money laundering and drug trafficking. (Photo: El Comercio)

Three people died last Thursday when gunfire erupted outside the Superior Court of Justice of Ica between gunmen of the Sánchez Paredes family.

The family, currently being investigated for money laundering and drug trafficking, is now divided for the control of the San Simon mining complex in the north of Peru.

The legal dispute Manuel Sánchez Paredes faces with five of his six sons, the Sánchez Alayo brothers, turned into violence after disagreement over the control of the mine yesterday in court.

Seven gunmen opened fire on two of the lawyers of Gonzalo Alzamora Ruiz, the liquidator of the mine, and three people who protected them.

The fierce gun battle took the lives of Danilo Navarro Jorge Ruiz (40) Fabio Esteban Bernal Solomon (43), and Essalud Bustamante Julio Diaz (43), who died in the intensive care unit at the hospital in Ica, RPP reported.

As of Friday, Ariza Ruben Morales (27) still remains in critical condition. All of them were part of the security team that Manuel Sanchez Paredes hired to protect his legal representatives.