Peruvian coffee brand crowned in international competition



Roasted coffee beans. (Photo: Andina)

‘Quechua,’ a coffee grown in the Puno valley area of Peru, has won a worldwide contest organized by Rainforest Alliance to unearth the best tasting organic and Fair Trade beans.

The award was presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), a trade organization based in Long Beach, California, comprised of coffee tasters from the US as well as other coffee professionals.

Quechua coffee is a brand that belongs to Agrarian and Coffee Cooperatives located in Puno’s Sandia Valley, an operation that also distributes Tunki, another award-winning Peruvian coffee. Lauded for its superior taste and aroma, Tunki took home Best of Origin for Peru at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s 2010 Roasters’ Guild Coffees of the Year Competition. Tunki coffee also achieved first place in the Peruvian National Coffee Contest on two occasions.

Earlier in January, Peruvian coffee exports reached $860 million during 2010, according to the country’s National Coffee Board. In volume terms, this equates to 4.85 million quintals (a quintal being 46kg), the average price for which was $177.30. Coffee is Peru’s leading agricultural export and is shipped to 46 destinations worldwide.

It represents a reported 29 percent of total agricultural exports, valued at $3 billion.