Peru’s Huancavelica: 900 residents cut off due to flooding


Flash floods have disrupted transportation routes and left residents cut off in the region of Huancavelica. (Photo: Andina/Difusión)

The district of Vilca in Huancavelica is the latest victim of intense rains affecting several regions of Peru, LaRepublica reports. Approximately 900 area residents have been isolated with no means of transportation after the flooding of the Shucash river.

According to mayor Eugenio Surichaqui, tributary waters have flooded the road that gives access to the villages of Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Santa Ana, Riego Pampa and Chuya.

“The road has practically disappeared and now the villagers cannot reach the nearby towns, Huancayo (Junín’s capital) nor the city of Huancavelica. Only a few of the daring have managed a reckless crossing of the flooded road,” the mayor said.

He also reported that due to the river overflowing, infrastructure for collecting potable drinking water has collapsed, leaving approximately 600 villagers in Matahuasi and San Carlos without water.

A major interregional road connecting Vilca to Huancavelica and the coast has also suffered flash floods.

“We are in urgent need of machinery and fuel to clean and rebuild the damaged transportation routes. We are waiting for the regional government to respond to our request for help,” Surichaqui said.