50-passenger bus headed for Nazca robbed at gunpoint



The bus was part of the Soyuz bus company fleet. (Photo: Internet)

Six armed robbers assaulted a bus carrying 50 passengers between Palpa and Nazca last night, according to RPP.

Robbers in full face masks forced 35-year-old driver Quiroz Zambrano to deactivate the Soyuz bus’s GPS system about 415 kilometers south of Lima on the Panamericana highway.

After insuring they could not be traced, they lead the bus down a path about 800 meters away from the main road, where they proceeded to ransack passengers, seizing money, cameras, cellular phones, laptops and other belongings whose total value is estimated at 20,000 soles.

The Palpa police responded immediately by dispatching a force to the site with additional support from highway police.

According to witnesses, one of the robbers embarked at the bus terminal, followed by two more at the Ingenio junction. The rest were allowed to embark at the moment of the assault.

This is the second incidence of armed robbery on bus routes in southern Peru in recent weeks.