Traffic security not present in government plans


The presidential candidates have not taken seriously the
problem of traffic accidents in their government plans in dispite of 3,302 people died last
year in Peru
due to traffic accidents and 40,512 were injured.
According to Tapia Grillo, an expert in transport issues, 70%
of the accidents are caused by vehicles of public transport whereas in other
capitals with higher volume of vehicles as Buenos Aires,
they cause just 7% of the accidents. There are two main causes says Tapia
Grillo “One is due to the old vehicles and the other one due to the lack of
expertise of the drivers”.
A group of experts has proposed some solutions: To withdraw
the vehicles with more than 15 years, to create an organization which will
investigate and sanction the responsibles of the accidents, to create a
register with the bad drivers and the enterprises with higher number of
accidents. There are 50.000 vehicles of public transport in Lima
and we need only 24.000.