Eliane Karp demands the restitution of Peruvian heritage


The First Lady Eliane Karp defend the right of the Peruvian
state to claim to Yale’s University the restitution of 5 thousand archaeological
pieces extracted from Machu Picchu.
“There are documents that demonstrate that the pieces were delivered on loan”
added the First Lady.
She explained that National Geographic sponsored the studies
of Hiram Bingham, who discovered Machu Picchu
and they are witness to the loan. “The temporary cession of the objects found
in Machu Picchu was done in order to study the objects, after so many decades
this study should have concluded, Peru expects the restitution of the loaned archaeological
pieces and there are no concessions because these belong to all the Peruvians”
declared Mrs. Karp.
The declarations were made in Washington,
were she traveled in order to meet diverse institutions that support the
Peruvian position in front of Yale University.