Starbucks robbed at gunpoint in Surco, Peru’s capital


A Starbucks branch in Surco, Lima, Peru was robbed at gunpoint early Tuesday morning. (Photo: Correo)

Armed with guns, nine hooded individuals assaulted a Starbucks branch located on the avenues Velasco Astete and Benavides, in Lima’s district of Surco.

According to Peru’s Correo newspaper, the incident occurred at around midnight on Tuesday. Approximately 20 people were in the coffee shop. They reported hearing sudden yelling from security guards, whom the intruders fought off with the butts of their revolvers.

Three robbers headed for the cash register, while another group began threatening those present one-by-one.

Two young people who tried to resist were violently struck and forced to hand over all their possessions. The other clients followed suit, fearing for their lives.

When the assailants left the location, Surco district security personnel who had been patrolling the zone became aware of the incident. They mounted a fierce chase, but the criminals escaped in the direction of the Panamericana Sur highway.