IBM and Fonafe bring cloud computing to critical government services in Peru



IBM and Fonafe bring cloud computing to critical government services in Peru
IBM will provide cloud computing technology for 10 Peruvian government-owned companies. (Photo: Internet)

Peru’s National Business Funding Agency (Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento de la Actividad Empresarial del Estado-Fonafe) and IBM announced today a five-year information technology services agreement, reported various news sources.

This agreement will trigger the development and management of a private cloud-computing technology infrastructure that will centralize IT operations for 10 government-owned companies that provide power utility, postal, port shipping, transportation, housing and other critical services to Peruvian citizens.

As part of the five-year project, IBM will consolidate 10 data centers, virtualize more than 130 servers and centralize database administration for approximately 40 applications. Internet, e-mail and social networking systems, such as chat programs, will be centralized and delivered to more than 3,000 users through the use of cloud computing technology.

The government-owned civil services companies that will participate in the project include: Electroperú, Hidrandina, Electrocentro, Electronorte, Electro Noroeste, Corpac, Serpost, Enapu, Fondo Mivivienda and Fonafe.

"This is the first stage of a number of projects that we are designing for government companies to increase their productivity and competitiveness. We are confident that, through an outsourced service model, the FONAFE Corporation will more quickly adopt information technology standards and best practices," said Mario Gonzáles, Fonafe Corporation’s executive director.

These solutions will enable government companies to increase their competitiveness and cut down operating costs through the creation of a Shared Service Center.

Through the use of cloud computing-technology the Fonafe companies, and eventually other institutions of the public sector, will be able to easily benefit from the advantages offered by the Shared Service Center, thus improving the competitiveness of the Peruvian State in the region.

"IBM’s consolidation and virtualization strategy will enable these companies to have a more flexible and safe technological environment that will result not only in cost savings, but also in a more efficient use of power resources," said Jaime Garcia Echecopar, general manager for IBM Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay & Paraguay.

"Through the use of cloud-based services, the organizations can get what they need, as they need it – from advanced analytics and business applications to IT infrastructure such as virtual servers and storage or access to tools for testing software code," he said.