Peru calls for United Nations intervention in Libya



Peru calls for United Nations intervention in Libya
Thousands of Libyans demand

after noon prayers in Bengasi

Gaddafi to step down after 40 years of leading a totalitarian regime surreptitiously supported by the West. (Photo: Getty Images)

President Alan García said Saturday morning that Peru has requested the United Nations and its Security Council to take an action against the serious situation in Libya, reported Andina.

“Libya is led by a bloodthirsty dictatorship. We have requested, through our representative to the U.N. Security Council, to act now," he told reporters after inspecting the remodeling works being done at the National Stadium.

"We should not act as spectators of Libyan air force bombing raids over civilian targes," said García who advocated the principles of democracy and freedom in Libya.

Peru suspended diplomatic relations with Libya, last Wednesday, until the violence against the people ceased.

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday night to impose sanctions on Gaddafi and his inner circle of advisers, reported The New York Times.

It also called for an international war crimes investigation into “widespread and systemic attacks” against Libyan citizens who have protested against the government over the last two weeks.