Google places its bets on Peru for tech development in 2011


Gianfranco Polastri, general manager of Google Peru.

Due to its remarkable recent economic growth, Google considers Peru one of the most attractive current markets for tech companies in the world, said Google’s director of new markets for Latin America, Daniel Gertsacov.

“Peru has recorded a constant economic growth, and, in the middle of elections, has positioned itself as one of the countries in the region with the most potential to develop its technology industry in 2011. These are Google’s bets for this year,” he said.

He explained that Peru is a very attractive market thanks to the 9 percent economic growth it showed last year, ongoing elections and an Internet presence that has grown over 20 percent in the past few years.

He also said that Peru is one of the most demanding markets for any kind of firm, and tech companies are no exception.

“The most advanced Internet solutions, development of new services and applications, and a greater demand for precise and relevant content are some of the new requirements that users and the public are starting to ask of tech providers,” he said.

He remarked that Internet access will continue to improve for mobile devices, and that this is a growing trend in Peru, especially considering that the index of cell phone users in homes is already at 75 percent of the population.