Exhibition of Pre-Inca Culture in Spain


After a year of negotiations the Deputy of Culture of Alicante, Spain, Miguel Valor Peidro has reached one of his goals: The exhibition of ‘The Pre-Inca Treasures of Sipan’ (Tesoros Preincas de Sipán).
As of March 20th the Spaniards and other visitors will be able to see 83 objects in gold and ceramics from the tomb found in Huaca Rajada which belongs to the Sipan culture. Fifty pottery objects from the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Anthropology and History of Peru (Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia del Perú) located in Lima have been also sent to Spain.
The anthropologist Walter Alva who discovered the tomb years ago, said that “30% of the objects of the permanent collection were sent to Spain, which does not affect the whole collection of the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipan” in Lambayeque. “It is important that our ancient cultures are known worldwide” he added.
Peru will get US$200.000 which will be invested in the construction of a Museum in Huaca Rajada and US$10.000 will be for the National Museum of Anthropology and History of Peru.
The archaeological pieces were transfered under high security measures, the enterprise Axa Art Versicherung – Spain is in charge of the custody of the pieces.