Premier of “Chicha tu Madre”


The long awaited “Chicha tu Madre” premiers today in cinemas around the country. This movie is a Peruvian co production starring actors of our country such as Tula Rodríguez, Jorge Rodríguez Paz, Miguel Iza, Ramón García and Tatiana Espinoza. This movie is based on the chicha culture and tells the story of an amateur tarot card reader who lives his day to day life as a taxi driver in the chaotic city of Lima, Peru. When he discovers the pregnancy of his teenage daughter, he is impulsed towards a transformation process, guided by the wisdom of the tarot. His illuminated path is sowed with prostitution, betrayal and death.
An urban comedy with a social background that portrays today’s colorful impregnated “chicha” culture. The movie takes us to a universe of unmannerliness where the “criolla” vividness and clever thinking are used to subsist in every day life.