Defense for Joran van der Sloot seeks 3-5 year sentence for Peru murder


Joran van der Sloot’s defense attorney in Peru tells a news program they are seeking three to five years prison time for the killing of Stephany Flores.

Joran van der Sloot’s laywer has told the “Domingo Al Día” TV program that his client killed young woman Stephany Flores out of “violent emotion” and not with intent, therefore asking that van der Sloot not be judged for aggravated homicide, avoiding a 25-year prison sentence.

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“When Ms. Stephany Flores was digging through information on van der Sloot’s computer, she realized that he had had previous problems with the death of Natalee Holloway. We are stating that this produced Joran’s violent reaction. They began to argue and push one another, and that is what led to everything that we all know now happened,” said attorney Máximo Altez.

Being judged for the crime of “homicide of violent emotion,” van der Sloot would only receive three to five years in prison. “This is what we are asking for. In any case, the courts will be able to choose between simple or aggravated homicide,” Altez said.

Furthermore, the lawyer stated that the Dutch man has not yet testified due to the fact that he has not been provided with an officially qualified translator.

For their part, the Flores’ family lawyer, Edward Álvarez, said that the defense’s new strategy does not hold up against further analysis.

“That laptop with information about the crime in Aruba was produced long before Stephany went with him to the hotel,” he explained.

Álvarez stated that it is “completely false” that Flores argued with van der Sloot over this information.

See the interviews with lawyers for Van der Sloot and the Flores family below.