70 pct haven’t decided who to vote for in Congress



70 pct haven’t decided who to vote for in Congress
Voters know very little aout the candidates running for Congress. (Photo: RPP)

Seventy percent of people interviewed in Lima don’t know who to vote for in Congress, reported Perú21. A similar situation takes place in Arequipa and Piura.

Manuel Torrado, director of Datum, says that the absence of a big media campaign makes it difficult for voters to know who the candidates are running for Congress.

“People in Lima are still thinking who they will vote for president. Not many people are really thinking about the congressional elections,” said the analyst.

Torrado said this situation can be reverted. “If the congressional campaign is practically dead, whoever makes an intense and effective publicity can position it quite quickly.”

But people have not lost interest only due to the lack of publicity or a campaign. Torrado thinks that Lima’s huge extension makes it more challenging and difficult for the voters to contact their candidate.

“If the electoral districts were smaller, the electoral campaign would be easier,” said Datum’s director.