Peru’s Garcia urges calm, says official report on potential tsunami will be available at 3 p.m.


President Alan García spoke to the media this morning. (Photo: N)

After expressing his condolences to Japan for the victims of the 8.9-degree earthquake that shook the northwest part of the country, Peru president Alan García asked Peruvians to remain alert and prepared for the possibility of a similar occurrence in Peru.

“Any seismic event that occurs in Japan can be a prelude to a seismic event in our country. For a while now along the central coast, things have been quiet. We have had only low intensity earthquakes,” he said.

Furthermore, the president urged calm and prudence on the part of people who live on the coast, as well as attention to the media, since an official report about the magnitude of the potential tsunami is scheduled for 3 p.m.

“I’m asking for calmness. There is no huge danger. We can treat this like a training event,” he said, stating that Peruvians must be prepared and able to put into practice learned safety measures in the case of earthquakes.