Parts of Peru coast continue to see abnormal wave activity



The Pacific Ocean at the Lima beach of Callao on Friday, hours before arrival of the tsunami waves.

Even though northern regional director of Peru’s civil defense institute, Carlos Balarezo, reported yesterday that the ocean along northern coast of Peru had returned to normal, anomalous wave activity resumed in the waters of La Libertad starting at 6 p.m.

This was confirmed by the region’s civil defense chief, Eduardo Fiestas, who stated that in the population in the areas of Salaverry, Las Delicias, Huanchaco and Buenos Aires should take caution and avoid fishing, water sports, and being close to the ocean until the alert was over.

In the morning, Balarezo assessed the effects of the waves that hit Peru’s northern coast as a consequence of last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan. He said that although there was material damage in some small bays in Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad, there were no reports of missing or injured people.

Meanwhile, in the south, the regional civil defense is recommending that people remain alert for unusual wave activity in the San Andrés district in Pisco. Area chief César Chonate said that even though there had been no abnormal movement recorded in the past several hours, people should not let their guard down. About 180 families were affected by the abnormally high tide recorded on Saturday morning.