Toledo’s party gangs up against PPK


Toledo's party gangs up against PPK
Carlos Bruce leaded a wave of criticisms against PPK for putting in doubt Toledo’s drug test results. (Photo: RPP)

Alejandro Toledo’s VP candidate and speaker, Carlos Bruce, said Wednesday that Pedro Pablo Kuczynski "seems to suffer from Alzheimer disease and be a liar" due to his recents comments calling Toledo an "opportunist" and doubting about the drug test results that the ex president made public Sunday.
Toledo himself discharged his verbal ammunition against his former finance minister calling him a "cynical and bigmouth."

Bruce held a press conference on Wednesday around noon at the headquarters of Perú Posible – Toledo’s political party – located in San Isidro where, along with other former ministers of Toledo, harshly criticized Kuczynski for taking all credit of the positive outcome during Toledo’s administration when he was foreign minister and primer minister.

Among the ex ministers that attended the press conference where Javier Silva Ruete and Jaime Quinadría, both finance ministers during Toledo’s administration; Kurt Burneo, who was finance vice-minister, and Javier Reátegui, who was a multi-task minister in interior, transportation, production and fishing.

All of them demanded Kuczysnki to rectify his comments, arguing that they all were part of a succesful team during Toledo’s government that worked for the progress of the country.