Lima: New metropolitano survey reveals 68 pct approval rating



The Metropolitano currently transports only 250,000 of its 700,000-person daily capacity. (Photo: RPP)

An El Comercio survey carried out by Ipsos Apoyo of 650 Lima residents revealed that the mayority of Metropolitano users are satisfied with the service.

Of those surveyed, 33 percent reported having taken the Metropolitano at least once. Of those, 17 percent rated the service as “very good,” while 51 percent rated it as “good,” totaling an overall 68 percent approval rating.

These numbers have changed since last December’s survey, which showed that 27 percent of those interviewed had used the service, with 26 percent rating it “very good” and 44 percent rating is “good” for an overall approval of 70 percent.

According to Luis Quispe Candia, transportation expert and director of the NGO Luz Ámbar, this level of approval is due to the fact that the Metropolitano offers services not found in buses and combis.

The Metropolitano

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“The Metropolitano sticks to a schedule with certain travel times, a certain frequency between one vehicle and another, and passenger safety, all of which have to do with the modernity of the vehicles, the skills of the drivers and the comfort of the passengers,” Quispe Candia said.