Alleged Shining Path terrorist is captured in Huanuco, Peru



Police say they have extensive evidence linking Abudenio Durán Lázaro to terrorist activities. (Photo: Edgardo Panduro/El Comercio)

Yesterday, presumed terrorist Abudenio Durán Lázaro (42 years old), president of the coca growers’ association Valle La Paz, was captured in Aucayacu, capital of the distrct of José Crespo y Castillo in Peru’s Leoncio Prado province. According to police, Valle La Paz is a front organization for the Shining Path in Alto Huallaga. Durán was transported under high security to Tingo María, where he was transferred into Huallaga police custody.

The capture of the alleged terrorist occurred at 10:30 a.m. in Aucayacu’s Plaza de Armas, when Abudenio Durán Lázaro was driving through in a motocar, and was carried out by Aucayacu police officers on the mandate of Peruvian national police major Walter Nina Herrera. Durán Lázaro is one of 148 people wanted for terrorism crimes in the Fourth Superprovincial Court of Lima, presided over by Jessica León Yarango.

The coca-growing director is married and a native of Panao (Pachitea-Huánuco). According to national police investigations, his actual responsibilities lay with the ‘Artemio’ group,

“It’s a kind of public control board for the Shining Path, named for Artemio as a representative of coca producers, part of their fight strategy,” a representative from Peru’s public ministry confirmed.

His capture was non-violent, and today he will be transported to Lima for interrogation.