Lima: Miraflores to install free public Wi-Fi in Parque Kennedy


Miraflores’ Parque Kennedy will soon have full wireless services. (Photo: El Comercio archive)

The district of Miraflores in Peru’s capital is planning to reinstall wireless Internet throughout the Parque Kennedy in the center of the neighborhood. Mayor Jorge Muñoz did not give a specific date, but said that the service would be implemented “soon,” according to El Comercio.

“The use of new information technologies by different government entities in the fulfillment of their duties.” That is the definition of “electronic government” that appears in the council agreement issued by the municipality of Miraflores, just four days after mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells’ administration began its work. The idea is to take advantage of technological tools to improve the lives of residents, and for Miraflores to reclaim its position as a district on the cutting edge of technology issues.

Speaking with El Comercio, Muñoz Wells gave more details about the measure.

Why was one of your first actions to declare the implementation of “electronic government” as a priority interest?
What we are looking to do is reposition Miraflores in its rightful place. In 2005, we achieved an important baseline in terms of using information technology, but unfortunately, over time we lost momentum. What are we proposing? To take up the 2005 platform once more and take it even further. With council agreement 08-2011/MM we are looking to generate transparency, more accessibility, more equality among neighbors, and to improve our use of resources.

What are you doing now and what do you plan to do to reach these goals?
One of the first things is to recoup the use of a Wi-Fi connection. We have already reinstalled it in private municipal spaces and soon we will reinstall it as a free public service in some parks, like Kennedy. We are also using our Web as a way of opening up the municipality, because we believe that transparency is fundamental. For example, on Wednesdays we hold walk-in hours for any resident, and these meetings are broadcast live via the Web. We also do live broadcasts of the meetings of the citizen safety committee, council sessions and other public meetings.