Lima: After third budget increase, restored Teatro Municipal to open in early April


Construction on Lima’s Teatro Municipal  (Photo:

Despite criticism from some municipal officers, the Lima council agreed to up the budget by nearly S/. 8 million to finish restoring the Teatro Municipal (municpal theater), 10 years after a fire destroyed large segments of the historic building.

The skepticism was not necessarily unwarranted: the S/. 7,968,000 that was just assigned to the project represents the third budget increase for the construction project, which was presented as “finalized” in October of last year.

In the beginning of the year, Lima mayor Susana Villarán announced that the theater would be inaugurated on April 11, after the Castañeda administration had finished about 85 percent of the work. However, Villarán made no mention then of the need to increase the budget.

Carlos Castillo, president of the Emilima company that is in charge of the project, explained yesterday before the council that the money is needed to restructure the stage house, restore the Casa Huancavelica and finish the dressing rooms.

Architect Flor de María Valladoilid, Emilima president until December 2010, spoke out yesterday against the criticism that the previous administration had left the project half-finished. “The second phase of the project was scheduled for the middle of this year,” she said.

According to Castillo, with the exception of the Casa Huancavelica, which will open as a museum at the end of June, the rest of the theater will officially open on April 6.