Adopt a school- Alliance for a better education


The Department of Education starts today a program to provide better educational conditions for the poorest schools in the country. Different civilian and religious institutions have been called to support two campaigns.
The first campaign called “Adopt a School” (Adopta una escuela) will give 330 thousand children in school age better conditions to study. The representative of Confiep (Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas), José Miguel Morales, declared that they are looking for enterprises who will “Adopt a school”. Their task would be to repair the school and give the children materials to be able to study. This campaign would reach two thousand 508 schools. 95% of the schools are located in the rural areas of Huancavelica, Apurimac, Cajamarca, Amazonas, Ucayali, Loreto, Puno and some areas in Callao.
The second campaign named “Pencil and paper” (Lápiz y papel) has the goal to collect school materials for children in need. Last year was the first time this campaign was done, there were collected one million 532 thousands 216 articles in the whole country.
According to the World Bank, 84% of the students of Peruvian public schools have low reading comprehension. The other organizations participating in these campaigns are Mesa de Lucha contra la Pobreza, Comisión Episcopal de Educación, Concilio Evangélico and Foro Educativo.