Peru’s pisco exports jump 73 pct in first two months of 2011


Despite export growth, 95 percent of the total pisco produced in Peru is consumed internally. (Photo:

From January to February 2011, exports of Peru’s flagship liquor, pisco, jumped 73.4 percent to reach a total value of $311,600. In terms of volume, pisco exports grew 60.2 percent, reaching 44,800, according to a new report by Peru-based market research and consulting firm, Maximixe.

The report indicated that the increase can be largely explained by the increase in demand for pisco in France, which saw a staggering 4,000 percent growth in volume of pisco imported. Other countries that increased their demand for pisco include Germany, which grew 2,779 percent, the United States, which grew 74.5 percent, and Chile, which grew 38.3 percent.

The main exporting companies were Agroindustrias Bodega Santo Tomás with 32.1 percent of the total pisco exported between January and February, Viña Tacama with 22.1 percent and Agroindustrias LS with 21.2 percent.

Maximixe also stated that only about 5 percent of Peru’s total pisco produced is exported, since most of it is destined for internal consumption. “It is expected that pisco exports will experience great growth in 2011, thanks to the strong economic performance of our main business partners,” the report said.