Peru will answer to Fujimori


The Peruvian government will present a writ to the Chilean judge Orlando Álvarez in order to refute the arguments of former president Alberto Fujimori, informed the prosecutor Antonio Maldonado. “We want to express the position of the Peruvian government in front of Fujimori’s declarations. Besides we are interested in specifying the points to be discussed in this process”.
During the interrogatories Fujimori said he was innocent of all the charges presented by the Peruvian justice, he did not remember the corruption cases nor the violations of human rights during his regime. When he was asked about the massacres of Barrios Altos and La Cantuta, he answered that he heard on the radio about the first one and he read in a local newspaper about the second one. He added that he ignored the theft of public funds and the payment of millionaire “gifts” (coimas) for the purchase of weapons.