Five thousand Peruvians couldn’t vote in Madrid, Spain


Five thousand Peruvians couldn't vote in Madrid, Spain
Certificate of attendacne issued by Peru’s consulate in Spain, to Edna Saavedra, explaining she couldn’t vote because "her name cannot be found in the voter’s list." (Photo: Edna Saavedra)

Around five thousand Peruvian citizens were unable to vote in Madrid, Spain during Peru’s presidential elections that are taking place today, Sunday 10, reported El Comercio.

Yolanda Vaccaro, El Comercio’s correspondent based in Madrid, said that due to the absence of ballot supervisors or incomplete lists of voters, thousands of Peruvians living in Spain that went to Campo de las Naciones site in Madrid, were unable to vote.

Nelly Ballón, from Arequipa, was not able vote because her name was not found on any of the voter’s lists. She was told that "all lists did not arrived from Lima."

"I have come to vote, I have done so many times in the past. I have been living in Spain for 20 years and I have always been able to vote, I don’t understand what happened this time. I spoke to the Peruvian consul and he said that problem is Peru’s National Elections Office (ONpe) responsibility and that he cannot do anything about it. So I’m going back home without voting, very hurt," said Ballón.

The election process in Spain started 12 hours ago (at 1 a.m. Lima time) and ended four hours ago.

Peru’s consul in Madrid, Fernando Isasi Cayo, said that thousands of Peruvians were not able to vote due to Onpe’s negligence. "This is Onpe’s responsibility, not ours," said the diplomat.

Spain has the second biggest population of Peruvian voters worldwide, with 68 thousand registered citizens. The highest population of voters is in the United States.