Peru volunteers work with community kids for Earth Day



Volunteers worked with kids from a low-income district of Lima. Click here to see slideshow.

On Saturday, April 9, a group of 35 from Lima came together to work with the community of San Juan de Miraflores in honor of Earth Day 2011. The event was organized by Beyond Volunteering and the organization ANIA.

Volunteers planted trees and plants, painted, and cleaned the neighborhood, a low-income district of Lima. Participants were of a mix of Peruvians and foreigners ranging from seven-year-old children with their mothers, to teenagers and working professionals.

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The volunteers partnered with children from the community to help beautify the neighborhood and support ANIA’s program, Tierra de Niños, or The Land of Children. This program proactively involves children from the community with their own plants and spaces for gardens while teaching them the importance of the environment.

The event was an effort by Beyond Volunteering to involve the community of Lima with various monthly volunteer activities with organizations and communities nearby.

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