Víctor Polay, the chief of MRTA will be in prison until 2023


The “Sala Penal Nacional” in charge of the terrorism cases and violations of human rights condemned Víctor Polay, head and founder of the subversive group MRTA-Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru, to 32 years of imprisonment for the crimes of planning and executing violent assaults, hijackings and murders between 1984 until 1992.
The other members of the MRTA, Miguel Rincón Rincón, Lucero Cumpa Miranda, Peter Cárdenas Schulte and Alberto Gálvez Olaechea were condemned with 32, 28, 25 and 23 years respectively.
According to some specialists in terrorism, the sentence is fair, even though some people specially military mean that they should have had imprisonment for life. Carlos Tapia who is a well-known specialist in terrorism says that MRTA was not as bloody as the Lightning Path, who are considered as genocidal.