A spectacular exhibition of Sipan culture in Alicante


The Peruvian First Lady Eliane Karp and the Walter Alva (PhD) who discovered the Sipan culture in the Northern part of the Peruvian coast, were proud to present the collection "El Señor de Sipán, misterio y esplendor de una cultura preinca"(Lord of Sipan, mistery and splendor of a preinka culture) in the Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Alicante (MARQ). Some pieces of the Sipan culture were exhibited in Bonn in 2001 and in Sevilla in 1992, but this is fantastic collection gives a complete vision of the Sipan culture according to Dr. Walter Alva. The way the 84 pieces from Sipan and 49 ceramics from other pre-Inka cultures have been displayed in the museum plays also an important role.
At the restaurant of the MARQ, it is possible to taste the delicious Peruvian gastronomy and the “inevitable” pisco sour.