One million would leave if Humala becomes Peru’s president


The brilliant sociologist Julio Cotler Dolberg from the prestigious institute IEP- Instituto de Estudios Peruanos has been interviewed by the newspaper El Comercio, his declarations should worry all those who believe in democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and peace.
Humala’s government plan called “The new Republic”, were he wants to govern during 20 years is against democracy. His supporters deceived by former presidents, think that Peru needs a military government, strong and authoritarian so the rules and the law will be respected. They believe that Humala’s military background is an asset because he will finally “rule” the country. They perceive him as the most suitable to become Peru’s president. It is not a coincidence that most of Humala’s supporters are adults over 40, who have primary education, but never finished school.
If Humala becomes the president of Peru, it could be possible that some groups would become very violent and attack the opponents, there could be political persecutions as in Cuba and Venezuela, because military usually do not make agreements, they command.
Julio Cotler fears that in the worse scenario one million people would leave the country and one million people would be persecuted and repressed.