One third of Peruvians do not know what is democracy


According to a study made by UNDP-United Nations Development Program 34.9% of Peruvians have no idea of what is democracy, 79% recognizes the right to vote while 62.4% the right to be represented.
When they were asked what would they “sacrifice” from democracy if we were in a deep crisis, they answered 51.1% the judges, 44.6% the Congress, 14.9% the right to meet, 13.6% the media and 22% will accept to imprison the politicians in the opposition.
Nevertheless 73.4% believe in the necessity of an authoritarian regime, 69.3% agrees with death penalty for those who violate children, 29.4% consider that violence is necessary to attain authority and 29.2% consider violence necessary to defend the population. The people who defend violence are young men with poor education and low income, natives, peasants and workers on day basis.
Other interesting figures show that 61% would leave the country and 24.7% (4 million Peruvians) think that Peru will never be better.
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