Peruvian woman almost loses an eye in a beat-up


Young Peruvian woman almost loses an eye in a beat-up
Milagros del Rosario was beaten up by her police husband many times. Her case is finally made public. (Image: Frecuencia Latina-Channel 2)

A young woman almost lost her left eye after being brutally beaten up by her husband who turned out to be a police officer, reported El Comercio.

Milagros del Rosario Marticorena Arrunátegui, 22, filed a complaint against her partner, César Junio Taboada Ramor, 23, a police sub-officer who worked in the Fiscal Police.

Taboada has been suspended from duty, during the period of investigation of Marticorena’s complaint. His return to the force will depend on the results of the investigation.

The young woman has two children with the police sub-officer. She filed the complaint last Thursday after being beaten up at a police station in La Victoria district, nearby downtown Lima, as a result of a long chain of events involving domestic violence.

She said that if she had put up with so much violence in the past it was for the “well-being” of her family. Marticorena said that she had filed complaints before but Taboada’s friends in the force usually filed them.

“I separated from him in October but then he begged me to go back with him because he says he loves me. In November he hit me again," said the unfortunate woman.

This time she almost lost an eye. Will the Police ignore her case again?