Some 13 million cell phones to be sold in Peru, says Alcatel exec




Alcatel One Touch regional manager Omar Fuentes estimated Monday that roughly 13 million mobile phones will be sold in the Peruvian market this year as a result of the competition between mobile network operators and manufacturers.

“The Peruvian market is very interesting. Last year, more than 10 million units were sold and we expect this figure to grow to nearly 13 million this year,” Fuentes told Andina.

He added that new subscribers will mostly be from provinces in emerging regions, while sales of upgrade and replacement phones will dominate the market in the capital, Lima.

Fuentes went on to say that coverage in Lima is 100% and there are even some people who have two or three phones.

The manager said that during the upcoming weeks, Alcatel will introduce its new products in Peru in coordination with the mobile network operatrs.