Five Peruvians among 50 wealthiest in Latin America


By Jorge Riveros-Cayo

Five Peruvians among 50 wealthiest in Latin America
From left to right: Mario Brescia Cafferata, Alberto Benavides de la Quintana, Carlos Rodríguez Pastor, Dionisio Romerio Seminario, and the Rodríguez Banda family, made up by Vito (sitting), Jorge Rodríguez Rodríguez (right), with Jorge’s son, Claudio Rodríguez Huaco (right); in the portrait the family patriarch, José Rodríguez Banda. (Photos: RPP/El Comercio/Interbank/Poder 360°)

Five Peruvians are included among the 50 biggest fortunes of Latin America, according to the yearly rank made by the monthly magazine América Economía.

The Peruvians listed include the Brescia and Rodríguez Banda families, and Alberto Benavides De la Quintana, Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor Persivale, and Dionisio Romero Seminario and son.

Unlike other rankings made, such as the one by Forbes, América Economía only includes fortunes that can be confirmed and double-checked. In this current list 47 out of 50 fortunes are more than $1 billion.

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"The good performance of the stock markets and the growth of many economic sectors is attracting investment around the world. This makes us think that the list will grow year by year. It is the boom of the deepest pockets," says the magazine.  

The Brescia family, originally from Italy, is leaded by Mario Brescia Cafferata along with his brother Pedro. Their holding ranks 18 on the top 50, with $ 4.5 billion. Their major investements are in banking (BBVA Continental and AFP Integra), mining (Minsur), insurance (Rímac Internacional), fish meal (Sipesa), explosives (Exsa), and hotels (Libertador-Westin).   

Ranking 35 is Alberto Benavides De la Quintana, founder and principal shareholder of Buenaventura mining company with $1.9 billion. Benavides has the second biggest fortune in the country after the Brescia family. Born in 1920, he studied engineeering at the National University of Engineering. In 1953 he founde Buenaventura, which triggered the immense fortune he was made.

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor Persivale, head of the Interbank Group, ranks 41 with $1.5 billion, with more than 30 companies including banking (Interbank), supermarkets (Plaza Vea and Vivanda), hotels (Casa Andina), entertainment (Cineplex-Cineplanet), real estate and retail (Real Plaza and Oechsle) among others.

Two positions lower, ranking 43, appears Dionisio Romero Seminario with $1.3 billion. Born in Piura, northern Peru, this economist has leaded Grupo Romero for more than thirty years; his son Dionisio Romero Pauletti is now at the head of the holding. Grupo Romero has investments in food industry (Alicorp), banking (Banco de Crédito), logistics (Ransa), textiles (Co. Universal Textil), among other.

The Rodríguez Banda family rank 50 with $694 million. They are currently the owners of Grupo Gloria, Peru’s biggest company of dairy products, bought 24 years ago from Swiss-owned Nestlé in a commercial operation that has triggered suspicions until today, due to the alleged support they could have received from president Alan García during his first administration.