Valentín Panigua willing to make a coalition for democracy


The presidential candidate Valentín Panigua who represents the political party Frente de Centro declared that he could do an alliance with other parties with the aim of prevailing democracy over authoritarianism.
Lourdes Flores declared that in the second round, she would “knock the door of Valentín Panigua and his party to support her”. Panigua said that he thanks her for the deference and will make the decision when at the right moment.
Javier Diez Canseco from the Socialist Party (PS) said that it could be possible to make an alliance, though it is difficult due to the proximity of the elections. In the other hand Susana Villarán from the party Concentración Descentralista and Alberto Moreno from the party Movimiento de Nueva Izquierda are not sure about the alliance.
The answer of Ollanta Humala to the possibility of a coalition is “They are doing a party called Everyone against Ollanta”.