Variety of Peruvian potatoes to be offered at Paul McCartney concert


Potatoes for sale in Peruvian market. (Photo: Flickr photo by rrunaway)

Peruvian potatoes have one more opportunity to show off their taste, this time alongside one of the greatest musicians of all time, Paul McCartney.

During the May 9 concert at Monumental Stadium, three new dishes featuring Peruvian potatoes will be offered.

"We wanted to have vegetarian friendly options for McCartney, and we also believe it’s a good opportunity to repower the image of Peruvian potatoes and share the variety of ways they can be prepared," Ignacio Quintanilla, assistant general manager of BBVA Continental, told El Comercio.

No fear meat lovers. A dish will also be offered that incorporates the Peruvian potatoes with chorizo.

Five hundred kilograms of potatoes were purchased for the creation of the dishes. Renowned chefs created the innovative recipes using three varieties of potatoes: ambrosio, chapina y kachunhuacsachi.

The potato offerings will be available for purchase in the Red Carpet, Platinum and VIP areas at the concert.