Law stipulates sale of diesel with high percentage of sulphur


Yesterday in the official newspaper El Peruano was published a law which regulates the content of sulphur in fuels (diesel), the law says that refineries should sale clean fuel (no more than 50 parts of sulphur per million: ppm) starting in year 2010. The law endorses that the State Department of Mining and Energy can sell fuel with higher percentage of sulphur outside of Lima.
According to Patricia Iturregui from the “Unidad de Cambio Climático del Consejo Nacional del Ambiente”(Office of the climatic changes of the National Council of Environment) declared that the law should guarantee the sale of clean fuel all over the country.
Meanwhile the engineer Clara Indacochea from Petro-Peru says that the national enterprise cannot invest $300 million to build a plant to reduce the quantity of sulphur and therefore they cannot accomplish the terms given by the government, she added “Some environmental policies are given without thinking about policies for economical growth”.
70% of the diesel vehicles in Peru use fuel of low quality that contaminates. According to the Health World Organization (WHO), there should be 125mg/m3 (microgram of sulphur per cubic meter), in Miraflores there has been registered 341 mg/m3, in Comas 824 mg/m3 and in Abancay avenue in downtown 900mg/m3