Doe Run and the pollution in La Oroya


The American mining company Doe Run answered to the 90 observations made by the General Direction of Environmental Affaires of the Mining and Energy State Department in order to postpone the requirements of the PAMA (Programa de Adecuación y Manejo Ambiental) in the metallurgical complex in La Oroya. Doe Run’s general manager Juan Carlos Huayhua declared that the requirements should be finished by the end of year 2009 and not by 2010 as Doe Run required.
La Oroya is the most polluted town in Peru. When Doe Run bought the metallurgical complex the company committed to complete the requirements of the PAMA at the end of 2006, but protected by a new decree the company found the ways to extend the term with four years.
The GM Juan Carlos Huayhua declared that all the economical resources of the company will be invested to finish the plant of zinc this year, the plant of plumber in 2008 and the plant of cooper in 2009, investing $200 million in the 9 projects of the PAMA.
Anyway, the general director of mining of the Ministery of Mining (MEM) César Rodríguez, mentioned that the term to finish with their obligations is 2008 and not 2009.