Peruvian products to use new national branding before July


The new look of the Peru national brand. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Relations)

Before July, Peru will export its first goods under the umbrella of the new Peru national brand, according to Eduardo Ferreyros of the Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Relations, El Comercio reports.

Ferreyros revealed that he is currently in talks with various business associations to begin the use of the branding.

"The idea is that the first companies to use the branding already have export experience, such as those selling asparagus. We have released the manual for the branding so companies can adapt their packaging and everything necessary," said Ferreyros.

According to Gina Pipoli, professor at the University of the Pacific, products that use the new labeling not only transmit a promise of high quality but also send a message about Peruvian production.

"For example, Peru is known worldwide for high quality cotton and alpaca fiber. If these products are exported out under the umbrella of a national brand, they represent the Peruvian textile experience and help increase sales. Of course, that depends on the intensity of promotion abroad," Pipoli said.

When it comes to sales, Ferreyros again stressed that the adoption of a national brand is expected to double and in the best cases, triple exports in the next five years.

Juan Varilias, president of the Association of Exporters, said the adoption of a national brand involves a lot of responsibility on the part of Peruvian businessmen, since it must ensure quality. Indeed, any complaint against a product that uses the country brand will affect all others.

Yesterday the advertising campaign for the brand unveiled a 15-minute documentary that will be divided into several segments for transmission as television commercials.

The documentary was made in a town called Peru, located in Nebraska. The investment to produce the film cost about $350,000.