Lourdes Flores and Ollanta Humala would go to a second round


According to the poll of the UNI (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería), 62.4% of the population has decided their vote, 28.8% of the electors has chosen Ollanta Humala, 24.8% has chosen Lourdes Flores and 16.3% has chosen Alan García.
When asked for whom they will vote in the second round: between Flores and Humala 40.4% for Flores and 37.5% for Humala; between Flores and García 42.9% for Flores and 28.3% for García and between García and Humala 39.1% for Humala and 29.6% for García.
When asked about who they would definitely not vote for, the answers were surprising Alan García at the leading place with 31.6%, Ollanta Humala got 25.5%, Martha Chavez (from Fujimori’s party) got 23.5%, Lourdes Flores got 13.3% and Valentín Panigua 3.8%. 75.3% disapproves Toledo’s government, 17.5% approves his government and 7.3% do not know.