Full scholarships given to 15 Iquitos students studying tourism



Scholarship winners. (Photo: Pro & Contra)

Through an agreement between the municipality of San Juan Bautista and a public technical institute (Instituto Superior Tecnológico Público “El Milagro” Fe y Alegría) 15 students will receive full scholarships to study tourism for two years. The money covers materials, tuition and food. This year about $12,500 will be invested in the group of 15, according to a Loreto newspaper Pro & Contra.

The agreement aims to strengthen the capacity of tourism management in young students, specifically to improve the management of tourism resources in the district of San Juan Bautista, which lies between the airport and downtown Iquitos. In addition, the program aims to promote sustainable tourism and develop local organizations, public and private, involved in the management of tourism resources.

Francisco Sanjurjo, mayor of the municipality of San Juan Bautista, said the municipality should continue to grow its tourism and that educating their own youth is a large part of the bigger goal.