Thousands mourn father Lanssiers, the “modern saint�


Father Hubert Lanssiers changed the life of thousands of prisoners in Peru’s jails. He showed them a way to redeem themselves: By creating art. Called the “warrior of forgiveness”, this Belgian who at the age of ten saw how his mother was shot during the Second World War, made out of his life a life full of immeasurable generosity and forgiveness.
Thousands of people mourn him, he died too early at the age of 76, after a rich and outstanding life were he worked fiercely and honestly for human rights, perhaps he is the person who did more for human rights in Peru. He worked very hard to get amnesty of 743 innocent people accused of terrorism, he helped people who were rejected by their own families, he created a center were the art crafts made by prisoners are sold.
Some of the prisoners said “He did not talk too much about religion, but his words could change your life and the vision of the world, he was a kind of modern saint”.
He was lucid and straight, his human qualities were recognized by politicians, journalists, intellectuals and all the anonymous people for whom he worked and helped. During 10 years he shared Christmas with the prisoners at the Penal de Chorrillos. Nevertheless there were people who liked to do his life difficult and block his way, though he always worked for justice, truth and love.